...what started as digging into my own healing uncovered ancient bone wisdom in the form of an energy modality - Energy Archaeology™.


My life began with death. At less than a week old I was airlifted, alone, to a nearby hospital because I wouldn’t breathe unless I was being held. 


The Bezold-Jarisch reflex was being triggered in my tiny body, which means that I would stop breathing and my heart rate would drop dangerously low.


The NICU doctors never found a reason why, but from birth it set up my nervous system to be in a perpetual state of activation. With this reflex, no matter what the trigger is, the vagus nerve carries signals to the central nervous system to overstimulate the “freeze and appease” response and abolish “fight or flight”. My birth trauma imprinted on my nervous system and I didn't feel comfortable on Earth.


The resonance of that day is something I still carry.

Trauma and an over-stimulated nervous system created a cascade of physical and energetic symptoms, so I disconnected from my body. I didn’t want to be in it, I didn’t want to feel it. I just wanted to fix it.


 The lack of love for my body lead to a lack of love from my body. It's as if my body can read my thoughts (spoilers, it can!)


I had chronic headaches and migraines, gut issues, a spine that wouldn't stay in place, and knees that sounded like velcro. I knew that Western Medicine didn't hold the answers for me.  


I followed my intuition -- before I even knew what that meant.


I sought out energy medicine practitioners not only for healing but also to learn. My connection to my physical body grew and I began to understand my energetic body.


Soon, I noticed something odd in my meditations and visualizations. I was seeing and understanding my energetic body, but I wasn't seeing it the way my mentors did. I couldn’t find a book to explain what I was experiencing, either.


I intuitively knew the foundation of our energetic body is in our bones.

Our skeleton is much more than just the framework of our human form. It weaves together our human body, our light body, and our energetic system.  


 Energy Archaeology invites you to…  

Thrive instead of survive

Connect instead of dissociate

Expand, not contract

This modality blends discovery, healing, and intention to release wounds and trauma from our ancestral lineage, past lives, multi-dimensional Selves, and current lifetime. You’re able to discover where you’ve been holding trauma and other energetic mis-alignments in your body. Then we address it at the deepest place - your bones. Doing this shifts energy quickly and effectively...which is, of course, my style.  


Experiences don't evaporate with energy work...healing doesn't change what happened. It's still a part of you and a part of your story, just as much as my traumatic birth is a part of mine. We release the charge, not the past.


Energy Archaeology helps you discover the gold within that looks like trauma, grief, or a bad knee. Inside each of these hurts is wisdom your body wants to share with you. You’ll follow these string lines to surprising places, in your physical and energetic body. 


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An archaeologist studies and tells the story of a culture using bones and artifacts to help us understand the story of prior civilizations. An Energy Archaeologist does the same thing, but with energetic threads. I read the energy in your bones, and follow the string lines to tell your story.


Each bone has a specific vibration and resonance to hold within the skeleton. Energy Archaeology™ is the key to understanding the energies that are held by certain bones and released by others, so you understand your societal and cultural conditioning, your subconscious familial patterns, ancestral wounds, and past life trauma. 

When you know where it's held, you can release with clarity.

Our bones are our structure and our foundation. They’re the origin of our light body. From there, we can go anywhere.


This work uncovers ancestral patterns, societal and cultural programming, and subconscious behaviors that are held in the bones, and sometimes we want to tuck those in a closet and not look at them again. That’ll keep you stuck and frustrated.


I offer 1:1 healing sessions and follow-up integration sessions to help you release what you've uncovered. Energy Archaeology sessions are part energy work, part nervous system repair, and part storytelling - an integrated mind-body-spirit modality.


It's my greatest joy to bring this work to the world. I’d love to share with you the richness of a life lived bone deep.

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