On June 10, 2020, I (Ashley Stinson, representing Ashley Stinson, LLC) took part in a Reimagining Small Business Town hall, created by Rachel Rodgers. This was not the beginning of my anti-racism education, but it was the first time I had put diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of my business, and not as a secondary piece of the equation.

I signed an anti-racist small business pledge, and committed to meeting and exceeding the agreements put forth therein (you can find and sign the pledge for yourself at

Ashley Stinson (Including ASHLEY STINSON, LLC, SKELEMENTARY SCHOOL, and ENERGY ARCHAEOLOGY™) is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism both personally and professionally. As a healer and an energy worker, I understand deeply that the world we are birthing will take all of us, and it is essential that we dismantle white supremacist capitalist patriarchy in order to do so. I recognize that this will not look the same for each person or each business, but the following is my promise to you:

1. I will continue to name white supremacy and the impact of racism in both the energetic realm and the three-dimensional realm. I do not believe in spiritually bypassing this work, and no, naming it or drawing attention to it will not increase its power.

2. I will continue to engage in anti-racist education for myself and any team that I may hire in the future. Due to the size and scale of my business and operating budget, this currently looks like:

    • Reading books written by black authors and anti-racism educators.
    • Working on my implicit and unconscious biases through Leesa Renee Hall’s Inner Field Trip Patreon (you can find it here:
    • Understanding and dismantling the ways I am perpetuating colonization as a white person within my personal life and business with Kelly Germaine and Kelly Elizabeth (

3. I commit to allow uncomfortable conversations both in discussions with myself and in the spaces that I moderate, including on my Instagram comments and Facebook group. This currently looks like:

    • Writing and implementing a diversity and inclusion rider for podcasts, panels, and events where I am asked to speak.

4. I commit to invest a portion of my monthly company budget to the Black community. Previously this has looked like tithing 10% of my income (gross income, not just profit), but I’m being called to shift this model from one of passive donation to active support. This currently looks like:

    • Hiring Black, Indigenous, People of color sub-contractors and professionals. Both my accountant and my lawyer are black women.
    • Offering sliding-scale rates for Energy Archaeology sessions for BIPOC and LGBTQ+
    • Hiring a focus group that consists of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and disabled voices for the Energy Archaeology oracle and guidebook.

This is a sincere, long-term commitment to becoming a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist business.

Changes and Updates to this Policy

Please revisit this page periodically to stay aware of any changes to this diversity, equity and inclusion pledge, which I may update from time to time. If I modify this pledge, I will make it available here, and indicate the date of the latest revision.

Current version: June 16, 2020.