Can we real-talk for a minute?
Hand-on-heart, how do you feel about money?


✓ Are you frustrated with money mindset, manifestation, and affirmations that fall short?

✓ Or work for a while and the minute you stop practicing diligently the success ends?

✓ Does loving your money feel exhausting or heavy?

✓ Do you want to live your life a certain way but can't envision how you'll get there?

✓ Do you feel like a victim, martyr, or even a saboteur of your money?



It's time to drop out of your head and into your body.



Your body holds energetic imprints about abundance, wealth, and money. These embodied beliefs are ancestral, multi-dimensional, familial, and societal. In short: they're not even yours!

Energetic imprints and stored emotions in your body have just as much, if not more, of an impact on your ability to feel, envision, energize, and manifest abundance and wealth. After all, the majority of your neural pathways run from your body to your brain. If you're not addressing your embodied patterns, you're leaving a lot of money on the to speak.

Say these words out loud: 

Abundance ... Wealth ... Money


How did that feel in your body? Let it sink in.

If you've never thought about (or felt into!) money or wealth this way before, you're not alone. We live in a world that wants you to skip the exploration, the feelings, and the sensation - because when you pause, notice, and explore, you deeply know and understand yourSelf.

The world we live in thrives on your disconnect, but the world we're creating together depends on your inner knowing.

Knowing in the deepest depths of yourSelf how you align with abundance, wealth, and money - and how you want to create your life in this world with those energies - is essential.

If you don't know how you feel about wealth, someone else will tell you.

Money mindset coaches and many soul-centered entrepreneurs will tell you it’s ok to be rich. After all, when you’re rich you can direct and flow that abundance in a soulful way.

Folx who are dismantling capitalism and consumerism encourage you to downsize, eliminate, have a lighter consumer footprint, or even be "post-money." That can feel really good, too.

If you don't understand your alignment and embodied energy around abundance, wealth, and money, it's easy to get swept up in either of these extremes and imagine your life:

...with as much money as you desire AND the power to affect change because of it!

Or from the capitalistic patriarchal definitions of success and living a life on your own terms. Hell yes!


How do you know which path is aligned for you, and what is conditioned or influenced by society?

Know, deep in your bones, how you feel about money.

Without a knee-jerk reaction.

Without stories or beliefs you've inherited about wealth or poverty - abundance or lack.

Without guilt or shame in your body for wanting more money or wanting a different relationship to it.

Without fear or judgement for what you truly desire.

Your relationship to money should be yours and yours alone. 



Understand your embodied stories, beliefs, and imprints about abundance, wealth, and money in this ten-week program.

Uncover and release embodied energies from your ancestral lineage, multidimensional versions of yourSelf, and from past lives.

Open and support the flow of energy aligned to your highest vision for abundance, money, and wealth.

Align your physical energy, nervous system, chakras, and aura to these frequencies to create a cohesive field - ultimately attracting your vision into your life.

Create your own embodied relationship with wealth.

I won't tell you what you should or shouldn't want.

I'll guide you on a journey to get it.


When you join KNOW YOUR BONES: EMBODIED WEALTH you'll receive:


Ten weeks of self-paced instruction and guided integration to connect into your bones and follow your own embodied wisdom around abundance, wealth, and money.

Access to the Know Your Bones portal on with all of the course content for an entire year, including future rounds held during that time.

Fortnightly lessons and videos with the information and tools you'll need along your journey

Guided meditations and activations to deepen your process

Practices for integrating the information you're learning

Coaching calls recorded during the live round, and "Removing Capitalism from your Bones and Nervous System" live group healing session. 

A private Facebook group to integrate and practice what you've learned

A suggested calendar to guide you through the content with ease... but it truly is self paced


Inside Know Your Bones you'll have access to self-paced instruction and integration, activations and meditations for $249



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How Know Your Bones is changing lives

  • Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

    “Know Your Bones, and working with Ashley is like nothing I’ve ever experienced! I am a Rebirth Coach, work with spirit & have experienced many variations of energy healing, but this was NEXT LEVEL!

    Ashley’s ability to not only lean in to determine the area of resistance but to ALSO energetically shift and release what has been stored in my bones ancestrally as well as throughout my lifetimes, has given me some of my greatest healing to date!

    This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Anytime I have a challenge come up, need some clarity, or help hearing what my body is telling me, I log into the course portal and intuitively choose whichever meditation is calling to me. The discoveries, self healing and communication are unending. I am so grateful I said YES to Know Your Bones!”

    Rebirth Coach

  • Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

    “I was a Mental Health therapist in my most recent past and am a full believer in talk therapy for some people. But there are issues, wounds, traumas, patterns that are bound to ancestral and/or past life experiences. And I truly believe that these types of issues can only be addressed and healed through energy work…

    So I ask you: “What if there was a way to heal and shift your most deeply felt wounds and patterns, so that there was no longer any barriers to your healing?”

  • Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

    “Who knew bones could be so incredibly insightful?! Ashley Stinson for one.

    This brilliant creatrix opened me to a whole new world and level of healing through the Know Your Bones course. Her curiosity knows no bounds when it comes to expanding and learning and her true gift is the ability to share it with others.

    The knowledge and awareness I gained from this in-depth course is second to none. Do yourself a favor, and take a deep dive with Ashley; I promise it’s a rabbit hole you’ll be thankful to have found.”

  • Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

    “To be drawn to a healer is the first step. To resonate with their message, seeing yourself or your desires in their teachings is the second and to feel deeply the truth, integrity, and respect that they offer their services is the third. I appreciate many healers but Ashley is one of the few that hits all of these bases. I am in awe of the necessity, potency and care of the the work she has channeled and crafted.

    Ashley is truly bringing in the next wave of being. She has created cohesive processes that educate and embody what we all desire in healing and growth but few master with such depth. By calling to translating the language of the body and knowing where to bring attention, so much can be accessed, understood and released. Feelings, thoughts and actions don't have to be a mystery. Everything can be met and known.

    With a gentle but strong fire she holds space for you to connect with the wisdom, encouraging your own answers, your own process, and your own discovery to step into your sovereignty. I have felt deep energetic changes in me from just a few meditations, that go way beyond just feeling good in the moment. This is work for lasting shifts and I deeply respect and am grateful for how Ashley lives and shares her practices”

    Shamanic Energy Practitioner

A course format dedicated to your success

Know Your Bones is founded on years of transformational energy work in the bones, and guides you to align your body, mind, and spirit from the inside-out. This course prioritizes your success through built-in time for integration, guided workbooks to walk you through every step of the process, hands-on guidance from Ashley in the Facebook group, and dedicated group coaching calls where you can receive guidance and coaching on what’s coming up for you.

In short, this course works if you do.

Let's take a look at how.


The first week in Know Your Bones: Embodied Wealth welcomes you in to the course and the Know Your Bones community. You prepare your mind and body for transformation, and learn the cycle of communication in the course portal and workbook. This is the method you’ll use throughout the course to tune into your bones and embodied intuition, so I’ve built in time for you to practice it.

Recognize the difference between stories and patterns and practice noticing where they are showing up in your body.

Listen to the clean + clear audio session to prepare your bones and body for transformation.


During this two-week foundations module you’ll receive written and video lessons on:

What it means to feel something in your bones

Disconnection and trauma

Opening and healing

Ancestral connections


Listen to a pre-recorded Bone Activation audio session to connect you on a bone level to the support and deep Earthed wisdom of your well-ancestors and your cosmic star family.

Practice a guided meditation to tap into ancestral wisdom and healing in your pelvic bones, and use the prompts in the workbook to sit with what comes up or clears during this process.

The workbook will provide space for you to sit with stories and information welling up from your bones and coming to the surface. You’ll have space to identify patterns that have threaded through your ancestral lineage, your multi-dimensional being, your past lives, and your current lifetime.

Create a supportive integration practice using information and tips for sitting with what is coming up in the physical body and mental plane.



In the two-week flow module you’ll immerse yourself in written and video lessons:

Energy flow in the human body

Elemental resonance in the bones

Electromagnetism and toroidal fields

Energetic anatomy of the bones

You receive three guided meditations during this module. The first is to identify your unique energetic flow pattern in your bones. The other two meditations work specifically with the energetic anatomy of the bones: Apatite Clearing and Bone Marrow Charging meditations. The workbook will help you process these meditations and integrate the energy shifts before, during, and after. You also have tips for when to use these meditations as you move through the course.

The workbook provides space for you to understand where the flow of your bones is most impacted - where energy is flowing fast, where it’s stagnant, and where it feels out of alignment.

Identify which elemental archetype those bones resonate with and use a guided visualization for connecting to those elements within your body.

Continue working with your integration practice to embody your flow of abundance and wealth.



In the two-week frequency module you receive written and video lessons on:

Introduction to vibration and frequency

Emotion, vibration, and frequency

Frequency and your skeleton

Hands, feet, and orbital sockets

Build on your mastery of the flow module. Understand how frequency moves through the bones based on core energies that have been held deep within your skeleton. In this module you learn to combine the cycle of communication, what you know about your own energetic flow, and guided practices to upgrade the frequency streams coming into and leaving your body.

Shift your embodied energy to be a vibrational match for your highest values of abundance, wealth, and money.

The workbook provides space for you to understand where stories and patterns are coming up within the five main frequency bands of the fingers and toes and practices to shift what’s keeping them in place. As you shift the core resonance, you’ll shift the frequency band.

Join the guided group healing session on releasing capitalism from the bones and nervous system. This call is a major energetic upgrade and will create immediate shifts in your embodied energy of abundance, wealth, and money.



In the two-week field module you’ll receive written and video lessons:

Personal chakras

Extended chakras

Aura and chakra connection

Bones and chakras

Bones and your auric field

Create a cohesive field based on the work of the previous modules. The work you’ve done up to this point has been to clear and release outdated embodied energy around abundance, wealth, and money and begin to flow energy in alignment with your Self-identified highest vision. You have shifted what you are and are not available for in terms of money, wealth, and abundance, and your body is shifting.

Practice two guided meditations. The first is a chakra and aura clearing. This meditation will prepare your field to come into alignment with your bones. The second is a spinal portal attunement where you integrate your bone energy flow to your chakras and auric field.

The workbook provides space for you to integrate your embodied wisdom into your field and your mental plane. You’ll also reflect on the stories and patterns from the beginning of the course and your stories and patterns now.

During this module you’ll see shifts in your external world based on the work you’ve done in your embodied energy.


Your last week in Know Your Bones: Embodied Wealth integrates the lessons and energy of the course as a whole. You’ll understand a new way to have a conversation with your body, receive tips for nervous system integration, and best of all - there’s a flow chart to help guide you in continuing this work and your own expansion once the live course is over.

Practice a guided meditation to meet your emerging self and Higher self, and work with them as guides to move forward in your new alignment with abundance, wealth, and money.


Wealth is how you define it based on your own values. But it IS up to you and the soul alignment you're choosing. Not your ancestral lineage. Not your past lives. Not an influencer or money mindset coach. And certainly not your family.

You can live your life, grow a business, and direct your money how you want.


Choose your alignment.

Choose yourSelf.

Choose your wealth.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know anatomy to take this course? 

No! Absolutely not. You don't need to learn all 206 bones in the adult body or understand the intricacies of your nervous system, but it will spark your curiosity and awe for your incredible body. Your role is to show up, feel, and trust!


How much time do you think this will take each week? I'm interested, but I have a lot going on right now.

The content is broken down into bite-size chunks so you can easily work through the modules in 15-20 minutes each day.  The bi-weekly Zoom coaching calls will be recorded for those who can't make it live.  All-in-all, it's between 2-3 hours each week.


How long do I have access to Know Your Bones? 

You will have access to the course portal for one calendar year. This means that each time Know Your Bones is run live, you have the opportunity to re-engage, join in on Zoom, and get hands-on coaching in the Facebook group!


Is there a refund period? 

Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis. All refunds require you to share how you've engaged in the course and to have a phone call with Ashley.

Is there a payment plan? I don't have $249 right now, but I'd really like to join.

There isn't a payment plan for the self-paced option of this course, but there will be an opportunity to join the "Removing Capitalism from the Bones and Nervous System" live group healing. That's the perfect way to get started with this work without the larger up-front investment.


Am I going to learn how to do energy work? 

Not as a formal certification, no. But energy work is simply sound, vibration, and/or frequency that's sent with intention. As we move through this course you will be doing energy work. You'll be guided in these practices through the course.

You will not be taught or certified to do energy work as a professional or with other people. This course is about you, your bones, and your energy.


I missed the Early Bird Bonus but love the idea of private coaching with Ashley. Is that something I can still access? 

Of course! I believe so strongly in integrating what you're learning and experiencing that I’m offering all Integration Sessions for members of Know Your Bones for $80!

I'm Ashley!

And I can't wait to guide you into a deeper conversation with your bones, and alignment with your wealth!

Ashley Stinson is a teacher, coach, energy healer, and the creatress of Energy Archaeology™ - an energy healing modality and personal discovery method that accesses the energetic wisdom in the bones. Her work is a bridge from the energy world to the physical world, and it creates depth, dimension, embodiment, and a path to clarity. Living Bone Deep amplifies your healing work, spiritual journey, and personal practice.

Ashley offers this work personally in one-on-one Energy Archaeology Sessions and Integration Coaching, in live group series, and in mini-courses. She loves deep conversations that have the ability to crack you open and broaden your perspective. Her innate gift is to find patterns in what’s said, unsaid, seen, and unseen and use this to guide sessions and take them deeper.

Ashley lives and works from Charlottesville, Virginia, but serves clients all over the world. She’s a human design projector, an Aquarius, Libra rising, and Cancer moon. Which explains everything, really.


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