Can we real-talk for a minute?
Hand-on-heart, how do you feel about money?


✓ Are you frustrated with money mindset, manifestation, and affirmations that fall short?

✓ Or work for a while and the minute you stop practicing diligently the success ends?

✓ Does loving your money feel exhausting or heavy?

✓ Do you want to live your life a certain way but can't envision how you'll get there? 


It's time to drop out of your head and into your body.



Your body holds energetic imprints about abundance, wealth, and money. These embodied beliefs are ancestral, multi-dimensional, familial, and societal. In short: they're not even yours!

Energetic imprints and stored emotions in your body have a deeper impact than any mindset work. After all, the vast majority of your neural pathways run from your body to your brain. If you're not addressing your embodied patterns, you're leaving a lot of money on the to speak.