Meet the Original Archaeologist 


Energy Archaeology™ is a revolutionary way to work with your physical and energetic body, yet at the same time, it's as old as humanity. It's coming through now in this form because we're ready to understand our bodies in a more intricate way.

We're ready to Live Bone Deep.

 Energy Archaeology is anchored into the collective by Ashley Stinson. 


There are six foundational paradigms embraced by this methodology:

 Your bones are the origin of your light body

 You can heal deeper than ever before  by accessing the energy in your bones. 

 The path of your healing journey is in your bones. 

 Your personal chakras refer symptoms of deeper wounding to the surface where you can see them. 

 Your Earth Star chakra links your bones to collective consciousness energy grids. 

 Embodiment is available for everyone


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Ashley Stinson is a teacher, coach, energy healer, and the creatress of Energy Archaeology™ - an energy healing modality and personal discovery method that accesses the energetic wisdom in the bones. Her work is a bridge from the energy world to the physical world, and it creates depth, dimension, embodiment, and a path to clarity. Living Bone Deep amplifies your healing work, spiritual journey, and personal practice.

Ashley offers this work personally in one-on-one Energy Archaeology Sessions and Integration Coaching, in live group series, and in mini-courses. She loves deep conversations that have the ability to crack you open and broaden your perspective. Her innate gift is to find patterns in what’s said, unsaid, seen, and unseen and she uses this to guide sessions and take them deeper.

Ashley lives and works from Charlottesville, Virginia, but serves clients all over the world. She’s a human design projector, an Aquarius, Libra rising, and Cancer moon. Which explains everything, really.

You can connect with Ashley on her site at, or on Instagram at @Energy_Archaeology where she shares bone wisdom and sneak peeks at the Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck.



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 Photography by: @Kirra_Smith_

 Photography by: @Kirra_Smith_

 Photography by: @Kirra_Smith_