The Elements of Energy Archaeology Series

The Earth bones store misaligned frequencies until we move further into alignment. This is the process of creating compost and nourishing our growth. As we do this, there are other bones in our body that will naturally shift these stored energies out of our Earth bones. If we aren’t able to shift them, the energies can become putrid.



The Elements of Energy Archaeology Series

Our fire bone hold the transmuting power for our skeleton. When these bones are operating at their full potential, we can harness all of the creation potential of this element. When these bones become suppressed, turned down, or stop functioning altogether, our ability to transmute also disappears.



The Elements of Energy Archaeology Series

Our water bones are filtering bones. This group makes up most of the bones in the human body, and is all about the flow of energy, data, and frequency. When our Water bones are in balance, we embody the goodness and life-giving properties of this element - when they’re stagnant and blocked, we can dwell on the darker implications and feel chaotic and overwhelmed.



The Elements of Energy Archaeology Series

No doubt you've been told you can change your life by changing your mind.

Are you used to focusing on the brain and the mental layer of the aura as the change-makers in your thought patterns?

What if I told you that the real change happens when it integrates in your body?

Let me introduce you to your air bones, aka your joints. Between every bone, every element, there's a moment of air. A pause. A chance to create clarity and to integrate.

Air is heady. It's logic. It's also known for being distant and dissociative or flighty and off in la-la land. Neither of these extremes scream embodied wisdom. But!

It's the container created BY. YOUR. BODY. that allows the air element in your bones to create clarity.

Between your water bones the air's effervescing any frequencies that aren't aligned to your core energetic resonance. When your brain and mental body are on auto-pilot, they're aligned to habits, patterns, and programs. When you shift your air element to your next-level self, it's going to bring through next-level frequencies.

In your Earth bones the air provides a pathway for release. It's like the helping hand for earth bones to create compost. Why do you turn a compost pile? To introduce air. It's called aerobic respiration and it's the fastest way to break down shit into nutrients. Including energetic shit. If you want to release the heaviness from your earth bones in the most growth-giving and nurturing way, you've gotta get your air element involved. Next-level frequency shift creates next-level growth.

When air's beside fire , it fans the flame to keep the fire roaring or to create steam and energetic momentum. What type of fire do you want burning? One based on your habits or one that's propelling you toward your highest vision and dreams?

You need your air element to be aligned and working FOR you.



The Elements of Energy Archaeology Series

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are the building blocks of our universe, and our bones. This course introduces you to the elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air within your bones. This is a bundle of all of the Elements of Energy Archaeology.