Release Capitalism from the Bones and Nervous System

An Energy Archaeology healing session to move from abundance wounds to abundant flow

Capitalism is a feeling, an energy, a crumbling grid-structure that more and more people are feeling the oppressive weight and stagnancy of in their bones.

It relies on us to make energetic agreements and steadfastly live by them, even when they're not in our best interest. A deal that upholds the illusion of stability.

The illusion that money and abundance is an Earth element.

The energetic grid underlying Capitalism feels distorted in the body. It's why when the flow of money increases or decreases you feel it. It feels unsafe, because the energetic grid naturally feels unstable.

Capitalism is based on supply and demand, which requires a triggering event or mechanism to increase or decrease energy flow. The energetic agreement and illusion you've inherited follows this same pattern. When you feel abundance, your body, your nervous system, and your energy have been trained to expect a decrease somewhere else.

That's a myth of Capitalism.

Abundance is not up and down. It can be up and up only.

Abundance isn't scarce. You expect it to behave that way because you've been told that it should.

Abundance flows. It's water. This flowing nature is how we effortlessly call in more and direct it in our life.


Release the false promises of Capitalism from your bones and nervous system.


Release the barren dehydrated feeling of scarcity. The gasping and grasping that takes place when your bones aren't connected to the field of abundance.

Drop into lushness that wants to bathe your body from marrow to skin. The golden sparking luminosity that soothes your nervous system and trusts in abundant overflow.

Flow with the codes of your original currency, your energy, your connection to abundance.

In this healing session you will:

Be supported as you release the energy in your bones and the bones of your ancestors from their connection to the grid of Capitalism.

Clear any remnants of capitalistic energy grids from your chakras and auric field

Call in the highest frequencies of Worthiness, Pride, Power, Love, and Pleasure to repattern how you connect to yourSelf and abundance.

Welcome the grid of abundance into your body and understand it as the natural set-point for your life.


If you're ready to flow abundance naturally, with ease, and in your own energetic currency - this is for you.