The Elements of Energy Archaeology Series

The Earth bones store misaligned frequencies until we move further into alignment. This is the process of creating compost and nourishing our growth. As we do this, there are other bones in our body that will naturally shift these stored energies out of our Earth bones. If we aren’t able to shift them, the energies can become putrid. 

This course includes:

an E-book that explains the archetypal element, and how it relates to our energy, and which bones hold this resonance.

Meditation to guide you into conversation and relationship with your earth bones.

Energy work session to clear and attune you to the earth element in your bones.

In this course you will:

  • Discover and tap into the stories in your earth bones
  • Open a nourishing conversation between yourself and Mama Earth
  • Intuitively release stored frequencies to composted energy
  • Uncover the true potential of your self-nurturing
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