The Elements of Energy Archaeology Series

When your Earth bones are in alignment and functioning as designed, they resonate with abundance, nourishment, and nurturing. They allow you to sink deeply into parts of your story or narrative, break it down, and pull out the good bits for nourishment.

When they’ve been blocked and repressed the Earth bones can feel weakened and ineffective. When you’re working with energy that has been held tightly - especially stories and narratives that are part of your core beliefs about yourSelf - you won’t let the energies go. They can’t nourish you. In fact, they sit and become putrid. Lovely, right?

These uncomposted energies can be causing anxiety, stress, feelings of overwhelm or unworthiness, and irritability. In fact, many feelings associated with resistance arise from energies you’re actively keeping in these bones!

Look at the world around you - look at the heavy stuff you're already doing. Your Earth bones want to support you in this work if you’ll let them!

Think about your own:

Anti-racism work
Social justice work
Ancestral work (despite diasporas, forced relocation, and assimilation)
Spiritual work
Climate justice work
Healing work

None of that is easy, and it's all Earth bone work. All of it.

If you want to know what there is to reclaim in your Earth Bones, there it is.

But first you're called to remove the heaviness - the inherited or socially/politically/religiously enculturated beliefs of:

I'm not enough.
I'm too much.
someone else will do it.
things are fine the way they are.
who am I to do this, speak about this, or heal this?
one person can't make a difference.
Worthiness, Fear, Shame...
Earth bone, earth bone, earth bone...
Heavy, heavy, heavy.

Imagine waking up each morning and being nurtured by your Earth bones. You stretch and move your body, and then let the day wash over you. You begin to think about what you get to do that day, and these bones reassure you with messages of:

You are perfect as you are
You can make a difference today
There's a challenge that only you know how to navigate, and that's your gift.
Someone out there needs to hear your message. Someone needs to see your example. Someone needs you to show them how to heal this.


You, in all of your uniqueness, are the only one whose Earth bones will nourish you in the way you need. That's their role. They take all of the heaviness in your ancestral lineage and in your current lifetime, and they make the compost that you need. They're here to sustain you, nurture you, and pave the way for your future growth. And I assure you - the world needs that version of you.

 Your Earth bones need to be clear  

The Earth Bones E Course includes: 

An interactive E-book that explains the archetypal element of Earth, how it relates to our energy, and which bones hold this resonance. There are diagrams and charts and interactive questions to guide you deeper into the energy in your earth bones!

A meditation to guide you into conversation and relationship with your Earth bones. You'll receive this immediately, just like the E-book! Take your time going through the material and sitting with the meditation - but the more time you have before the live energy work session, the better!

An hour-long energy work session to release and clear what you've been storing instead of composting.

A Spotify playlist to help you sink into your Earth bones and embody the Earth element. Trust me, you'll have this on repeat! It is so lush.

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