The Elements of Energy Archaeology Series

Your Fire bones hold the transmuting power for our skeleton. This means they have the ability to take energies flowing in or being held in other bones and alter them to a higher form for you and your path! When your Fire bones are operating at their full potential, you can harness all of the creative potential of this element. When these bones become suppressed, turned down, or stop functioning altogether, your ability to transmute also dims or disappears.

You may have been taught to fear fire, or to think only about its destruction. It may feel uncontrollable, too big, hot, and wild. Or you may only feel comfortable around fire that's been "tamed." The one burning in the fireplace, a small camp fire, or a candle burning. Just enough to provide warmth, but not enough to get out of control.

That's only half of the story, but your relationship and narrative around fire is probably similar to the one you carry about your fire bones. Have you ever been told that you're too much, too big, too loud, or uncontrollable? Do you try to tame yourself, make yourself smaller, or more palatable to other people?

You've been taught to control your fire.

Fire, destruction, and creation go hand-in-hand.

Destructive fire is always, always, always creative. It's only destructive through our human focus. Wildfires DGAF where you built your house, the ecosystem has historically depended on fire to reset, so fire it is! In Alaska, where there are large tracts of land between human settlement, wildfires are allowed to just burn until they burn out. Like mama nature intended.


The question isn't what was destroyed or lost, but rather...where did the fire create space? What was left behind? What was transmuted into its next usable form?


Therein lies the genius and potency of our fire bones. They are able to take whatever comes through our air, water, or earth element and burn away everything that isn't serving us. What's left behind is clarity, space, and gold.

The "side effect" of having your fire bones in their exalted state is passion, joy, exuberance, and abundance. The forests burned by fire have the best top soil. Where better to sow seeds of abundance and plant your passions than in the space the fire has created?! 

In the fire course we tap into our transmuting bones and turn the fire up so they can do what they do best - transmute! When these bones are operating at their full potential, we can harness all of this generative force!


The Fire Bones E Course Includes:

An interactive E-book that explains the archetypal element of fire, how it relates to our energy, and which bones hold this resonance. There are a series of questions at the end to guide you deeper into the energy in your bones - one for before the clearing and one for after!

A meditation to guide you into conversation and relationship with your fire bones. This part is provided as part of your instant download, just like the E-book. Take your time going through the material and sitting with the meditation.

An energy work session to clear and attune you to the fire element in your bones.

A Spotify playlist to help you tune into the energy of your Fire bones and embody the Fire element.

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