The Elements of Energy Archaeology Series

Most of the bones in your body flow and filter frequency - these are your Water bones. These bones act as a conduit - they receive energies from the external world and flow them through your arms, legs, and skull until they reach the core of your body. Their job is to keep energy flowing, no matter what energy it is! When your Water bones are in balance, you embody the goodness and life-giving properties of this element - when they’re stagnant and blocked, you can feel chaotic and overwhelmed.

If you're craving more flow and less stagnation, your Water bones are calling to you.

It's easy to live from an unconscious place of patterns, programming, or even just good ole human habit. It's easy to get busy and not consciously think about your actions, reactions, triggers, thoughts, and words. In fact, neuroscientists estimate that almost 90% of your thought patterns and what you say are driven by your subconscious brain! That's a lot of energy flowing through the skeleton that's ready for an upgrade.

That's the trick with your Water bones. Their job is to flow and filter frequencies brought in by your core energy, patterns, and programs. If you're not consciously sorting through what these are, your Water bones are going to keep the flow of frequency the same. The energy is going to rush in at a pace that your body is used to, and even though the air element (your joints) may try to take exception or excuse certain bits from your body, the energy in your water bones can blow right past those objections.

You have to create space, consciously slow the energetic flow within your bones, and allow the heaviness to drop out.  This is when you really see how much subconscious energy is running your life.

It may show up as:

Self-talk that now seems cruel when you see it eye-to-eye

A pattern that clearly isn't serving your best and highest good, but you've kept repeating anyway

Habits that are based on outdated programming, but you don't feel strong enough to voice an objection, let alone shift them

Heaviness that you can feel, but we don't know how to shift.


If you could just press *pause*, you could find the space to exit the conversation. 


Water bones are where you "struggle" the most when upleveling, coming into higher soul alignment, or a new timeline. The speed of your energetic flow has slowed so you can evaluate what is coming with you on your higher frequency, and you FEEL. IT. This is the part where a lot of people throw in the towel or give up because it feels hard.

You're not most people. You're here, which means you're ready to meet that struggle, show it compassion, and then get moving to your new frequency.

Here's the secret: your frequency will vibrate higher, your water bones will move faster, but not until they slow down and drop what they've been carrying.


You'll be amazed at what's ready to filter out


Imagine being guided and held as you tap into the energy in your water bones

You feel lighter, more present, and in flow.

You understand how to enter into a dialog with the dense parts of yourSelf that are ready to release, and feel my support as they drop away.

You allow frequencies to release without story, and feel the expansion in your body and energy field.

You trust your filtering bones and understand the natural flow of your energy system.

You understand your edges, your boundaries, and where/why you need them.

You align to your next-level self, and are held as you make that transition.


The results you gain from the Water Element mini-course are truly a confirmation of your water bones potency! 



Inside the Water Bones E Course you receive: 

An interactive E-book that explains the archetypal element of water, how it relates to your energy, and which bones hold this resonance. There are diagrams and charts and interactive questions to guide you deeper into the energy in your water bones!

A meditation to guide you into conversation and relationship with your water bones. You'll receive this immediately, just like the E-book! Take your time going through the material and sitting with the meditation.

An energy work session to release and clear what's being held in flow.

A Spotify playlist to get your energy and body aligned with the frequency of this course. Its epically curated and each song is speaking directly to the Water Element in you.

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