The Elements of Energy Archaeology Series

No doubt you've been told you can change your life by changing your mind - and that's true. We're used to focusing on the brain and the mental layer of the aura as the change-makers in our thought patterns and subconscious programs. 

The real change happens when it integrates in your body. 

This is what your air bones do. They create space for integration and mental clarity.

The air element is often given a bad rap (especially in astrological memes) because it's heady. It likes logic and thinking. On one hand it's known for being distant, dissociative, and pie-in-the-sky, and on the other hand it's a bit flighty and off in la-la land. Neither of these extremes scream embodied wisdom.

Taken by itself, the air element wouldn't do this. It would do what it does best - rise, elevate, expand, blow right on through. It's the combination and container created by our body and the other elements that allows the air element in our bones to create clarity. 

The air "bones" are your joints. That means between every other bone, every other element, there's a moment of air. A pause. A chance to create clarity.

With your water bones the air's effervescing and bubbling up, taking with it any frequencies that aren't aligned to your core energetic resonance (or your energetic fingerprint). When your mind and mental body are functioning on auto-pilot and are aligned to your habits, patterns, and programs, the air is going to bring the same ole' same ole' right on through. When you shift your air alignment to your next-level self, it's only going to bring through frequencies for your next level self. Automatically. How freaking amazing it that?!

Beside your earth bones the air provides a pathway for release. It's like the helping hand for earth bones to create compost (that energetic nutrition that we need to learn and grow from our past). Ever wonder why you have to turn a compost pile? To introduce air. It's called aerobic respiration and it's the fastest way to break down shit into nutrients. Including your own energetic shit. If you want to release the heaviness from your earth bones in the most growth-giving and nurturing way, you've gotta get your air element involved. Your next-level frequency shift creates next-level growth.

When air is beside fire, it fans the flame to keep the fire roaring or to create steam and energetic momentum. What type of fire do you want burning? One based on your habits or one that's propelling you toward your highest vision and dreams?

Air is everywhere throughout your body.

You need it to be aligned and working FOR you.

When all of the other elements are being fed and cleansed by an aligned air element, there's a complete elemental reset in your body. That's the moment when old ways of understanding, being, and creating your life drop away. The mental plane cracks open, flows through this logical, aligned, and clarifying air element, and uplevels your whole life.


When your Air bones resonate with your best and highest good instead of your old patterns and programs, everything will change. 



In the Air Element E Course you'll receive: 

An interactive E-book that explains the archetypal element of air, how it relates to your energy, and which bones hold this resonance. There are diagrams and charts and interactive questions to guide you deeper into the energy in your joints!

A meditation to guide you into conversation and relationship with your joints. You'll receive this immediately, just like the E-book! Take your time going through the material and sitting with the meditation.

An energy work session to clear out the stagnant air and align it to your next-level self.

A Spotify playlist to help you rise with your Air element and flow through your joints.

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