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Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

...are the building blocks of our universe and our bones. This series of mini courses introduce you to the elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air within your bones.

In each course you'll receive, an E Book for that specific element, a meditation to connect you to those bones in your body, and an invitation to join the live group activations and clearings. If you purchase this course after the date for the live call, you'll receive an audio recording.

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Eager to know what all this bone wisdom means for you? Want to now what role bones play in moving energy? 

My Instagram stories highlights of the Bone Bios have been so wildly popular I've created a detailed PDF to share the basics with you. This guide explains that the 4 types of bones, how they work and how you can work with them to balance your energy body. 

Get your free copy here: 




F O R   A L L 



  • “These group sessions changed my life! I can still feel the impact rippling out. I feel a tremendous powerful force working through my life.”

  • “I am beyond words to express my experience in an Energy Archaeology session with Ashley. She has a way of working with energy that I have never seen!”

  • “This was such a lovely experience, your voice is lovely to listen to and your meditation was so clear. I had a vivid visual experience and I am still working with this imagery! ”

  • “If you’re looking to connect with parts of you that you may not know exist or are feeling like you’ve tried all kinds of other options to access the deepest parts of you and are missing something, this will allow it to emerge. ”

  • “I could definitely feel you working and all the lovely energy that you bring. ”

  • “The very next day I woke up with a happiness that I thought had left me for good. I had found my joy again. It was incredible.”

  • “Trust me and TRY IT! I’ve felt profound shifts in the very core of my being.”