Your body is your soul expressed in physical form. Energy and light are encoded into your DNA, and every cell carries this - from your bones to your blood, organs to muscle. Your human body is your light body.


Your body stores emotions and energetic patterns in the bones and tissues. This impacts everything in your physical body, chakras, aura, and exterior world - because it impacts your core vibrational resonance. It also impacts what the energy in your bones and tissues intuitively looks like to me. Every body is unique in this way, and it's how I read your story, and understand where we'll be working.


I offer three types of energy sessions - let's find out which one is right for you!


 Energy Archaeology Sessions 

Do you:

Crave one-on-one space holding and support?
Have a specific goal or intention?
Desire to hear what your body is saying?
Want to dig deep and heal, release, and transmute what you've been carrying?
Know you have ancestral tending to do?
Carry a 
pattern or deeply imbedded habit and you're ready to get to the root?

 Integration Coaching 

This is for you if you: 

Had an Energy Archaeology Session in the past 30 days. 
Are experiencing intense energy movement and would like support in releasing it quicker. 
Want or need to nervous system support.
Desire space to be held for you as you process. 
Would like supportive coaching to anchor energetic shift into the physical.

 Group Sessions  

Would you love: 

Energy work for a specific bone? 
To try Energy Archaeology without committing to a one-on-one session?
Amplified healing within a group energy container? 
To work with me consistently over a period of time?  
Energy that prioritizes integration time?



B O N E S  T A L K.

I  L I S T E N.




Ashley Stinson_by LauraOlsen 2019-.JPG

 What you can expect:

  • 60-minutes of energy work to Heal, release, and transmute blocked or stagnant energies.
  • An energetic scan of your bones to intuitively guide our session and where we'll start working.
  • Work in the ancestral plane and other dimensions to heal and release what is being triggered in your bones.
  • Past life exploration and clearing those impacting your current reality.
  • Guidance from you Higher Self as we work for your best and highest good, and
  • An intentional, safe energetic boundary and prioritization of your energetic sovereignty.


Are you ready to hear what your body has to say?

*Below is a short audio explaining what to expect when you a book an Energy Archaeology Session! Take two minutes to listen.


What you can expect:

  • 30-minute targeted coaching for a specific challenge during your integration period.

  • Individualized and intuitive support for your nervous system.

  • Integrated energy work to move energies that are ready to go, but are sticking in a chakra or your auric field.

  • Guidance from your Higher Self as you integrate energetic shifts in your physical body.

  • An intentional, safe energetic boundary and prioritization of your energetic sovereignty.

I'm here to support your whole healing journey.

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 Kind Words from Clients 

  • “These group sessions changed my life! I can still feel the impact rippling out. I feel a tremendous powerful force working through my life.”

  • “I am beyond words to express my experience in an Energy Archaeology session with Ashley. She has a way of working with energy that I have never seen!”

  • “This was such a lovely experience, your voice is lovely to listen to and your meditation was so clear. I had a vivid visual experience and I am still working with this imagery! ”

  • “If you’re looking to connect with parts of you that you may not know exist or are feeling like you’ve tried all kinds of other options to access the deepest parts of you and are missing something, this will allow it to emerge. ”

  • “I could definitely feel you working and all the lovely energy that you bring. ”

  • “The very next day I woke up with a happiness that I thought had left me for good. I had found my joy again. It was incredible.”

  • “Trust me and TRY IT! I’ve felt profound shifts in the very core of my being.”




Remove the Patriarchy from your bones on November 1 at 1:00 pm EST

I’m holding a pay from the heart (suggested donation of $15-45) group session to hold each other as we release the cords of patriarchy that have been held in our bodies for too long.

In this group session we will:

Call in the power of the wild woman, the triple goddess, and the archetype of the wolf.

Stand in their protection as we release the frequency and vibration of the patriarchal Earth grid.

Bathe together in the ascension and codes of the matriarchy

Connect to the Earth grid that supports our best and highest good as we walk forward, free.