If you want to...

Live deeply in your body and understand how it communicates with you...

Tap into your intuitive, empathic, and highly sensitive nature in a logical and grounded way...

Expand the potential of an energy healing modality or attunement that you already have...

Understand how archetypes in tarot, astrology, and Human Design connect to your physical Self...

Access your light body where it originates- in your bones...


You're being called deeper.




The Creatress of Energy Archaeology.

I'm an intuitive energy practitioner, channel, teacher, and revolutionary dedicated to helping you rediscover the wisdom in your bones.

Ready to rebel against the status quo of energy work? 




 Kind Words from Clients 

  • Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

    “These group sessions changed my life! I can still feel the impact rippling out. I feel a tremendous powerful force working through my life.”

  • Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

    “I am beyond words to express my experience in an Energy Archaeology session with Ashley. She has a way of working with energy that I have never seen!”

  • Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

    “This was such a lovely experience, your voice is lovely to listen to and your meditation was so clear. I had a vivid visual experience and I am still working with this imagery! ”

  • Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

    “If you’re looking to connect with parts of you that you may not know exist or are feeling like you’ve tried all kinds of other options to access the deepest parts of you and are missing something, this will allow it to emerge. ”

  • Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

    “I could definitely feel you working and all the lovely energy that you bring. ”

  • Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

    “The very next day I woke up with a happiness that I thought had left me for good. I had found my joy again. It was incredible.”

  • Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

    “Trust me and TRY IT! I’ve felt profound shifts in the very core of my being.”

"I just knew I had to be there, and I'm so delighted and grateful that I was! These group sessions changed my life! I can still feel the impact rippling out. I feel a tremendous powerful force working through my life, and I attribute a huge portion of that to your Group Sessions, Ashley.

I actually feel like my life means something now and I'm here to do something powerful, and there are people out there like me. That I can heal and move the things that feel stuck and previously seemed inescapable."

- Haley K


"Amazing! You made me feel comfortable and curious, I was able to see myself more clearly before the session was over. And what you shared with me continues to ripple through my days." 


"I always have shifts when working with Ashley. I can feel her working in my energy and I love how she explains what she's doing as she works; it helps me to process what's going on so I can continue the healing."


"I just had this feeling that working with you would help me! I've had so many physical injuries and issues throughout my life and had a clear intuitive message that you would help me to understand them and clear some of the underlying energetic causes."

- Jessica P


"To me it's a non-intrusive way to tap in to information that I've never been able to access with any other body, movement or energy work. And with the assistance of someone who can provide guidance as to what comes up and how to deal with it. "

- Thamo H


"I liked the idea that I could engage with Energy Archaeology for an affordable price. While I knew the weekly sessions wouldn't be customized to my specific needs I knew there would be great benefit from systematically working through each set of bones." 

- Michelle 


"I have had 4 individual Energy Archaeology sessions with Ashley and can honestly say that each one has been entirely different and unique, but all of them have been profoundly healing, life-changing, and soul affirming. Ashley has such an easy going, welcoming and comforting energy. I felt 100% held, supported, and safe to do some really deep soul work." 



"My results were very much sensational and mental in nature. Patterns were broken. Weights lifted. Clarity found on things that have plagued me my whole life."

- Nadia B